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Why We Need YOUR Help in 2015




Dear East Hampton Conservator,

Please give as generously as you can to our Annual Appeal 2015.

Our local election will take place this Fall. We need your help again to safeguard important progress made in just the last 12 months by the new East Hampton Town Board, most of whom were elected with support by your contributions to the East Hampton Conservators.

Your renewed commitment will continue building a future that enhances our environment, maintains our town's historic character, and protects our property values, while ensuring a balanced town budget.

The future of East Hampton for us and future generations is at stake--and in our hands.


The candidates we supported together in the last election have, in short time, accomplished a lot:

  • Purchased or put in contract 133 acres, 66 distinct parcels, the largest number of parcels preserved since the Community Preservation Fund was initiated in 1999

  • Focused on making the airport a good neighbor. The new Town Board had the guts to address what we can do about the endless pollution and ear-shattering noise that helicopters, seaplanes, and jets have visited on us and neighboring communities since they upsized our small-town airport into an outsized regional one

  • Ratified the "Chain Store Legislation," to maintain the distinctive East Hampton architectural history and require a public hearing for any defined chain store before it opens to guarantee it blends into our already-built environment

  • Halted the dismissive disregard for our zoning laws, and, notably, prevented the high-density, zone-busting "555" condominium development from blighting Amagansett. This new Town Board turned a potential disaster into a town-owned asset for now and future generations

  • Hired a new head of Public Safety and added more code enforcement officers for 2015 to address out-of-control nightclubs and other code offenders

  • Established a Business Committee to ensure the interests of our local businesses are addressed and considered in Town Board decisions

  • Worked with the business community to produce a better dark-skies lighting law

  • Set a long-term vision for our beaches, working with ocean-front owners in Montauk and meeting the demands of the Army Corps of Engineers emergency dune project

  • Led the East End, and recaptured our national reputation for leadership in environmental policy, by creating a plan to work toward 100% renewable energy by 2020 through leasing town-owned land for solar development and supporting off-shore wind energy initiatives


While we are pleased with the direction the new Town Board has taken, there is still much to be done, and with your support, we'll be there to be sure these issues are addressed in 2015:

  • Advance the progress toward a more locally controlled airport to ensure less noise and pollution

  • Work with the state and the new PSEG utility to address those too-tall poles that mar the landscape and poison the soil

  • Enable experienced town planners to fix town code loopholes that allowed approval of the monstrous hulking building that now disfigures Wainscott--looming way too high over the entrance to our town and frighteningly close to the highway. It is certain to create worse traffic jams at that already too-backed-up intersection. Getting the right majority reelected to the Town Board means getting the right people appointed to the Town Planning Board

  • Aggressively enforce the existing zoning laws to fight noisy nightclubs, giant disruptive gatherings, overcrowded rental properties, illegal signs, and other clear violations of the law that mar our communities and disrupt our quiet enjoyment

  • Continue purchasing vacant land to preserve our quality of life and protect our property values

We have been inspired to work hard these last eight years as you have supported us. We need your help again to raise the issues, educate the voters, and fight to see to it that we build a future together in which we do not allow the insider, well-connected few to destroy our cherished past and local character--and threaten the investments we have made in our homes.

East Hampton Conservators

P.S. The Tea Party-like scofflaws who just a short while ago were in power, who derided our town codes, abandoned decency in government, and left us with such painful scars from their time in office, like the egregious warehouse-type building in Wainscott and a community riven by back-door deals and spiteful rhetoric, cannot be allowed to return. We have proved that protecting the environment can go hand-in-hand with a smart, financially sound vision for the future. Those who want to take us backwards want to return to power. Help us stop them. 

Please donate now.

To contribute by check, just download this form, fill it out, and mail to:

East Hampton Conservators

PO Box 142

East Hampton, NY 11937




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