Town Comprehensive Plan


East Hampton is a uniquely beautiful place.

How many times have you heard that—

or said it yourself. What does it really mean?


The “Vision Statement” in the town’s Comprehensive Plan explains it:


East Hampton is defined by the unique character of its hamlets, villages and countryside. East Hampton’s beaches are rated among the world’s best. The land supports one of the highest concentrations of rare and endangered species in New York State. The farmland is rated the best in the state. The Nature Conservancy has designated the area as one of the “Last Great Places” in the Western Hemisphere. The woodlands are diverse and healthy where they are undisturbed. The harbors and bays are among the cleanest in the state. The town is rich in historic and cultural resources. Development has not obliterated the natural and scenic characteristics once covering all of Long Island.


That simple but rather eloquent statement was written by Lisa Liquori, former town Planning Director. She developed the Comprehensive Plan designed to preserve and protect our town. The carefully detailed and documented plan was formally adopted by the current town board after much discussion and input from the public. It will guide the management of the town and assure that the vision statement remains an accurate description of what East Hampton is and continues to be.

For more information on the town’s Comprehensive Plan, call Gail Ficeto, administrative assistant, at 324-4017. To read the Comprehensive Plan, click here.

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Photo by Rameshwar Das
Photo by Rameshwar Das


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