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Q. What is East Hampton Conservators?

A. East Hampton Conservators is East Hampton Town’s first Political Action Committee (PAC) whose mission is to elect candidates to public office with a proven record of dedication to prevent over development, conserve the environment, protect pure drinking water and open space, and preserve our historic heritage and quality of life.


Q. What is a PAC?

A. A Political Action Committee raises funds to help educate the public, elect candidates to public office, and to help pass or defeat legislation. A PAC is not a political party nor does it nominate candidates for public office. 


Q. Who are the East Hampton Conservators?

A. The Conservators are a group of East Hampton residents who donate and raise funds to support our mission regardless of their political party affiliation. The names of the Founders and Charter Members are listed under “About Us” on the navigation bar.


Q. How is East Hampton Conservators different from a not-for-profit organization?

A. Not-for-profit organizations cannot become involved in electoral politics nor can they support a candidate for public office. The East Hampton Conservators can raise funds, endorse candidates, and help elect them to office. Think of us as a not-for-profit organization with political clout.


Q. What do you do?

A. Our greatest mission is to inform and educate the public. We do that through vigilance, dedication, and the production of public education materials – advertisements, mailers, brochures, newsletters, and our web site on the issues that affect quality of life in East Hampton. We also raise funds and endorse political candidates.


Q. Who runs East Hampton Conservators?

A. The Executive Committee consists of Alec  Baldwin, the  founder of East Hampton Conservators and member of The Founders Circle, Ed Gorman is President, David Doty, Treasurer, Mary Ann McCaffrey, Secretary, John J. Mullen,  Director of Communications. Additionally, all our members are advisors.


Q. Isn’t East Hampton Town already protected?

A. Nearly forty percent of East Hampton Town is publicly owned and preserved. But there are still thousands of acres unprotected and available for development. The development of these acres would devastate our quality of life.

 It is estimated in the Town’s Comprehensive Plan that the Town’s present year round population is approximately 20,000. It swells to 100,000 during the summer. If the Town were fully built out, these numbers could double – destroying our natural resources and open space, threatening our underground water supply, clogging our roads, and polluting our bays and wetlands.


Q. Why should I contribute to East Hampton Conservators?

A. You should contribute to the Conservators out of self interest, not out of generosity. You have invested in your home and property in East Hampton. You can protect that investment and keep it growing by helping the Conservators keep this Town one of the most beautiful places in the world. Suburbanization will destroy East Hampton, its rural character, its quality of life and its property values. Protect your investment in East Hampton. By protecting your investment, you help save the town for everyone. Support East Hampton Conservators today.


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