An Invitation from Alec Baldwin



Alec Baldwin

Please join me as a member of East Hampton Conservators today.

East Hampton Conservators is committed to preventing overdevelopment, protecting the environment and groundwater, and preserving open space. We believe that we can preserve our quality of life by electing candidates dedicated to environmental protection and good government.

Development pressure today is greater than ever. Although one-third of town land is now publicly owned, thousands of acres are still vacant and can be developed. Development of this land could have a devastating effect on our environment and on the aquifer supplying our only source of pure drinking water.

Overdevelopment of the town will swell its population and produce ever greater traffic congestion. It will pollute our beaches and bays, diminish numerous natural resources, and destroy our quality of life. Eventually, that will impact the value of our homes and property. While the present town board has passed a worthy Comprehensive Plan for our town’s future, future town boards could scuttle the plan and stall the purchase of vacant land with Community Preservation Funds.

In the critical years ahead, your support and funding are crucial to educating the public and encouraging voters to elect candidates committed to the environment and good government.

Charter Members of East Hampton Conservators contribute $5,000, $2,500, or $1,000 annually. You can also join me in our Founders Circle by making a contribution of $10,000.

Other levels of support are also available. Please download the contribution form on this website.

East Hampton Conservators will remain vigilant in our mission to save East Hampton Town. Your support is essential to our success.

Together, we can save East Hampton.


Thank you,


Alec Baldwin


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