Montauk Playhouse

Montauk Playhouse, long a prominent Montauk structure that had fallen on hard times, has been completely restructured and converted into a multi-use facility for the public. Thanks to the energy and insistence of Montauk residents and $350,000 raised by The Montauk Playhouse Foundation, plus seven million dollars ($7,000,000) in town funding approved by the Schneiderman administration, the Montauk Playhouse Community Center is now a child daycare center, a senior citizen nutrition center, an adult daycare center, a place for physical therapy, a gymnasium, an exercise facility, and a meeting space for numerous activities. Phase Two of the restructuring will provide two pools – a lap pool and a training pool – a theatre, two lounges, and an arts and crafts center. In managing the construction, the town was careful to preserve the distinctive Playhouse façade. For more information, call Montauk Playhouse Community Center at 668-1612.


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