Why You Should Support East Hampton Conservators



The continued development of commercial and residential property in East Hampton Town will have a serious negative impact on the value of your home and property here.

Development pressure today in East Hampton Town is intense. With thousands of acres of vacant land still vulnerable to development and hundreds of millions of dollars to be gained by carving up and building on some of the most valuable “second-home” real estate in the world, we must be vigilant and aggressive in protecting what remains.

The development of this land would have a devastating effect on our fragile environment and especially the aquifer supplying our drinking water. Both private wells and the Suffolk County Water Authority that supplies public water are entirely dependent on the aquifers that lie beneath our feet.

Over development of the town will threaten the purity of our drinking water, bloat our population and clog our roads with traffic, pollute our beaches and bays, deplete our natural resources, and destroy the quality of life we now enjoy.

Over development will have a devastating impact on the value of your home and property.

It is estimated that approximately 20,000 people live in East Hampton town year round and that the population soars to 100,000 in the summer.

The town comprehensive plan states that the population of the town could nearly double at full build out and it could occur in the next twenty years.

The Town of East Hampton as we know it today would vanish. It would suffer the same fate as some north and south shoreline communities of Nassau County and western Suffolk in the past 50 years. It would become an over-crowded suburbia.

East Hampton Conservators was founded in 2007 in order to control development and population growth, protect the environment and pure drinking water, preserve open space and our quality of life. That requires, and it is absolutely essential, the election of public officials with a proven record of environmental protection and good government. Unless the right people are elected to office we could easily lose it all.

As an independent political action committee (PAC), East Hampton Conservators is the only environmental protection organization on the South Fork that can support and endorse the election of environmental candidates to office. Other environmental organizations are prohibited by law from even a hint of political activity.

Our political involvement places additional pressure on elected officials to stand up to development pressure. We must work year round between elections to track development proposals, inform the public, and hold elected officials’ feet to the fire.

You have an investment in your home, property, and quality of life in East Hampton to protect. In protecting your own investment, you protect the quality of life for everyone.

Be good stewards of East Hampton. Join East Hampton Conservators today.


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Why You Should Support East Hampton Conservators


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