Why I Founded East Hampton Conservators



By Alec Baldwin

Before the ravages of overdevelopment, Long Island was renowned for its natural beauty. It was also a great place to live and work. There were villages and hamlets with Main Streets. You knew the local shop owners and they knew you. There was open space. You saw working farms, horses and cows grazing in pastures. Homes were affordable. Traffic and parking problems didn’t exist. There was never a concern about pure drinking water. There was good fishing and swimming. It was wonderful. It was taken for granted that it would always be this way.

But as I was growing up in Massapequa, poor planning, a lack of zoning, and over- development dramatically changed Long Island. I moved to East Hampton in the 1980’s not for a chic address but in order to enjoy a bit of what Long Island used to be. In spite of the recent development of the East End, particularly the South Fork, our area is still very special, East Hampton particularly so.

Rather than sit back and watch developers pave over East Hampton, a group of people who share my enthusiasm joined me in founding an organization called East Hampton Conservators. Our mission is to control development, protect the environment and pure drinking water, and preserve open space and the quality of life through vigilance, public education, and the election of people dedicated to good government.

The town has a Comprehensive Plan that will protect and preserve it for decades to come. East Hampton Conservators will support for election highly motivated and competent candidates dedicated to the full implementation, even enhancement, of the plan for East Hampton’s future.

Our web site and newsletter will keep you informed of the challenges and accomplishments in town and the work for good government that will help keep East Hampton a great place to live and work. We hope you join us.


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